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"Laughing Matters was a Great way to start the conference.
Thank You."
"One of the BEST speakers we have had!"
"Great fun. It tickled us pink."
Great energy for the morning, Laugh on!"
~ MassCAP (Council of Activity Professionals) conference

“The first time I met Sandy, I attended a Laughing Matters class at
my local gym after having a very bad couple of days. I left feeling
brighter, lighter, and much less stressed. A few weeks later I asked
Sandy to come into the WBUR studios to lead a class and provide
some interviews for NPR's Only A Game. My co-workers didn't
really know what to expect and were more than a little bit
apprehensive about the process. But, within the first few minutes,
Sandy had put everyone at ease. We all had a great time, and I think
it made for some pretty decent radio. Thanks, Sandy!”
~ Karen Given, Sports Producer , WBUR

“Listen to Sandy do Laughing Yoga on WBUR's website for It's Only
a Game. She was terrific. Got some very serious people to loosen up
and laugh. Great team building.”
~ Francine Achbar , Executive Director,
New Center for Arts and Culture

"Inviting people to laugh in the workplace, especially in these
stressful times, felt really good. The halls of the library were filled
with laughter for an hour today.  We all need to laugh more!
Thanks so much!"
~ Barbara Wolf, Harvard Medical School,
Office of Work and Family

"Your Laughing Matters program was wonderful and offered great
lesson for caregivers and professionals!"
~ Jennie, Mystic Valley Elder Services, Inc.  

“You put a smile to my “punim” (face)! Thank you! Ha ha ha."
~ Fran P., Brookline

"Laughing Matters! Have you laughed today?"
~Auntie Ida

Shop, Laugh, Pray!
~ in memory of mom
Laughter gives us distance. It allows us to step back from an
event, deal with it and then move on.”  Bob Newhart
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